Welcome to Awaken Love - Tantra Scotland

Here you can discover more about events, classes and resources for integrated, embodied spirituality (Tantra) in the UK and Scotland.

Get Started"Authentic spirituality does not avoid the difficulties of life but enters into them consciously to open them up and bloom."
- James Stevenson

Tantra Scotland

Tantra Scotland with Awaken love is the place to discover events, workshops, classes and night clubs that have a truly embodied feel to them. Based upon tantric and integral understanding the climate created in the events on this website are both on the path of waking up and the journey of growing up. Our understanding is that both of these together are needed in order to realize the full potentials that exist inside of us, it is enlightening and evolving.

Another main tenant of the work presented through this site is that of acceptance and intimacy: to bring in the whole of ones being, ┬áregardless of how ugly one might think disparate parts may be, and through an attitude of love and care to integrate them into the larger self – so the open freedom one attains from waking up is not a dissociated experience, separate from the world, but fully immersed within life in all of its colours.

We hope you find resources here that can inform and inspire you.